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Ask A Cam Girl With Emma Skye

Emma in red stockings, black thing and bra. Ready for her dirty cum show.

We found one of our cam girls to ask a question we got. EmmaSkyeXO is a rare cam performer, a fetish submissive who takes clients. She uses toys and bdsm equipment to obey orders and engage in some kinky play.

We got an email about humiliation as a fetish, and we let her answer it for you. The question asked why humiliation was a fetish and how it was different from real humiliation that’s not fun. Emma gave us a great response.

Sometimes what looks like an emotional mess from the outside is a much-wanted moment of catharsis on the inside. I’m not heavily into humiliation, although I do like certain types . . . but I am into a lot of things which make me scream and cry and beg for it to stop.

I’m sure it looks scary from the outside, and like I’m not enjoying myself (when I play with new people they tend to fuss and fret a lot at first, because my reactions don’t always look pleasurable) but I’m happy as can be.

There’s something very thrilling in vulnerability, in letting someone play with the messy bits of your psyche in a controlled environment, where you know you’re going to come out of it okay.

“My expertise is I am multiorgasmic… I can make myself cum quite a lot with my favorite glass dildo and my hitachi. I have also been told that I look very hot in doggystyle as well.”

I like to be humiliated like I like books and movies that make me cry. Experiencing strong emotion is terribly exciting, and it makes me feel good and awake and human, and strong and brave when I come out fine on the other side and hear that I’ve done well. And it’s wonderfully intimate, to share that with another person, to be open and vulnerable in front of someone else and realize it doesn’t turn them off, it makes them want me more.

I also like being made to do a lot of things I don’t enjoy for their own sake in order to please someone else, and humiliation is a really great way to access that “I don’t waaant to — oh, look, I made a puddle on the floor” space.

That’s why I enjoy doing these cam shows. Not every viewer comes to me with things that are my favorite, but I get off so much on the fact that they are “forcing” me to do the things. That being said, there are, of course, limits and boundaries and we discuss those first. My light fetish shows we can get right down to business, but if they want to be mean and nasty, we have to talk about it first so they know what I’m ok with and so I know they understand the rules they work within.

Thank you Emma for your neat perspective on this fetish.